Whittier Elementary Hosts a Play About President George Washington

On Monday, February 22, 2016, students and staff at Whittier Elementary celebrated President George Washington’s birthday with a play dedicated to his life.

All 1,000 students were invited to one of three plays depicting George Washington’s life and contributions to our country. Staff members spent the previous two weeks dedicating lesson plans to President Washington to ensure their students would be familiar with the events and vocabulary shown in the play. Staff enjoyed how the LifeHouse Production play was informative, yet funny enough to keep students engaged. Students were shocked to see their Assistant Principal, Raul Caraveo, as one of the actors on stage. 

Throughout the 50-minute play, students were taught what Hessians were, about the Delaware River, and Washington’s accomplishments. Whittier staff received a lot of positive feedback from their students, and intend to bring the play back next year.