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Whittier Staff Message

Dear Whittier Families,
Whittier Elementary is located in sunny Hemet, California. One might imagine our mascot, the wildcat, roaming the San Jacinto valley and Santa Rosa hillsides. The wildcat's clowder approach is symbolic of the group formed by teachers, staff, and parents that surround each student here at Whittier. Though successful on their own, wildcats are even stronger and more powerful when working as a group. Like all wildcats, they travel the wide open valleys, mountains and plains of the world bound by few limits.
Wildcats can travel the open topography of their choosing and make their home at any corner of the earth. This mobility is exactly the kind of power teachers at Whittier Elementary wish to give their students.

Whittier students hail from many parts of the globe. The teachers’ task is to impart essential skills to empower the children and keep all options and pathways open. The objective is to put the world within the children’s reach and educate the "whole child". Whittier Elementary School presently serves approximately 865 students in grades transitional kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our population is ethnically diverse with a high (92%) free and reduced lunch rate and unusually high student transiency rate. The school has a significant English learner population (20%) and approximately (12%) of our student population receives Special Education support. Pounce on by and observe our "Wildcat" pride!
We as a staff have been very impressed by the high level of parent and community participation that we have seen over the past year. Your involvement in your children’s education is vital to their success at school. We offer several avenues for parent participation, including PTO, School Site Council, English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), and classroom volunteer.  Please contact our front office if you have any questions regarding these volunteer opportunities.  We look forward to continue meeting all of you and working collaboratively for the benefit of our students.

Whittier Elementary Staff